Do You

Doug Spears
Doug Spears


Do You ©2007 Doug Spears Do you love the thunder, Do you call the lightning your friend, Do you feel the rain fall down, Like it’ll never fall again, Do you smell the wonder of it all, On the breath of the evening wind. Do you hear the laughter, Do you feel it rise up from your soul, Do you see with childlike eyes, Even through your eyes so old, Do you seek the courage of the heart, In all stories you’ve been told. Do you climb the mountains just to see the other side, Do you chose to the rocky road when there’s smoother one’s to ride, Do you swim the horizon while the others drift the tide, Do you seize the day, come what may. Do you taste the hunger, Do you feel it dry upon your lips, Do you quench that thirst with wine, Dripped from a lover’s finger tips, Do you know the burning of desire, And surrender to its grip.