Well, three terrific days over in the Tampa / Sarasota area are behind me now. It’s Sunday morning and Judy’s still sleeping. We’ll have an unhurried morning (for once) and then head back home to Orlando. What a great trip over here! So much fun and good friends – thanks so much for all of you that came out. The support and attention we received here was very special and much appreciated. Ka’Tiki Thursday night was, as it always is, a wild, wonderful night of music and friendship. Pete Gallagher and Pat Barmore are terrific hosts and keep the deep spirit of the Bay area folk and acoustic music thriving under the big chickee over looking the Gulf, including the traditional musical tribute to the sunset. We had a big, very receptive crowd and I made a lot of new friends, reconnected with some old ones and had the privilege of sharing my music with them all. Thanks to Jak Kelley, Shelly Eckert, Lori Cherry, Ms. Goodie, Donnie Elliot (who I had not seen in many years), Annie, Fred, Dwayne Slayton, Michaela and so many others for coming out and making the evening such a treat. As an added bonus, Pete and Pat’s buddy, Robbie, was there drawing caricatures and did a couple of me – they don’t make me look like a cross between Brad Pitt and Travis Tritt as I had asked, but then that was a bit much to hope for. And, I was joined at the mic by a tremendous local harmonica player (whose name I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t get) for a rousing rendition of Steam Train as my finale number. Great night – thanks again Pete and Pat! Friday morning Ally Smith and I were on WMNF with Bill Dudley for Live Music Showcase. We played tunes and chatted and I’ve already heard by email from many who listened in. WMNF’s studio is the most incredible live broadcast facility I’ve been privileged to play in. It’s a full sound, recording style studio set up that could easily accommodate a very large band, stage of the art gear and isolated control booth to insure the best possible live production. It really is an incredible resource for the Bay area music community. And, Bill Dudley, as always, is a most gracious and professional host. Thanks for having me on the air, Bill – hope we can do it again soon. Friday night we headed to Safety Harbor for an evening at Taste on Main Street. This was my first time there and, honestly, I did not know what to expect. What a wonderful little place! The owners (and their immediate family) were all very enthusiastic, welcoming and accommodating. I wasn’t sure how I’d do drawing to this little café in Safety Harbor, but we packed the house! Thanks to my MySpace friend, Trish, who brought out her “blonde brigade”, Bruce (who, it turns out I was in college with and didn’t know it) and to Shelly, Tami, Paul, Richard and others who helped spread the word. As the evening progressed there was much rearranging of tables and chairs to accommodate everyone. What a treat to play for such an attentive crowd. Plus, the food there is outstanding! If you haven’t dropped in on Taste before please go check it out. There are many upcoming shows by wonderful Tampa area artists and this is a spot that certainly deserves the support of the Bay area music community. Saturday morning we hustled down to Englewood to spend the morning with Jimmy Jay on WENG 1530 AM. Jimmy is a true old pro. So many years in the music business as a performer and he brings a great, relaxed attitude to his radio show, Who’s Home on the Suncoast, each Saturday morning at 10 am. We played tracks off my new CD which will be released in a couple of weeks, Break Some Stones, as well as Jimmy’s favorite from my Truths & Lies CD, Steam Train. Plus, we chatted through out the hour about life as an independent musician and songwriter. Jimmy, it was a true pleasure – thanks for having me in! Saturday night we wrapped up the busy weekend at It’s A Grind on Clark Road in Sarasota. Once again, it was my first time there and I was surprised how much bigger the place looked in the internet pictures than it did in real life!! However, as usual, everyone rose to the occasion. Again, we packed the house thanks to the thriving and supportive Sarasota folk community. Particular thanks to Margaret Lewis, Brad, Doug, Diana and Dan Ost, Carl and Barbara Wade, Mike, Rich and Terri LaPenna and many more whose names, I apologize, just won’t come to my fogged and weary brain. We were bringing in chairs from outside and it was really cozy before it was all over, but what a great group to be up close and personal with! It is always such a privilege to share my work with such an attentive, receptive and appreciative group and I thank you all so much for coming. I think we kept the staff at It’s A Grind from going home on time, but all things considered I don’t think they minded much. So, today back to Orlando and a couple of weeks “off” before we head Out on my eastern states mini-tour. As you might know from previous updates or from my website, I’m headed out July 13th for shows in Ga., Tn., Ohio, Pa., W.V. and N.C. (including a few days at the Swannanoa Gathering in Black Mountain outside of Asheville) getting back home August 6th. DiscMakers has promised faithfully that I’ll have the new CD, Break Some Stones, in hand for the trip and we’re excited about hitting all the new spots and making new friends. All the Best to you all and see you again soon.