Notes from the Road - Atlanta, Lena’s Place Coffeehouse Here is the start of my running diary of the next three weeks on the road. I’ll try to write a little every day though I’ll only post the day after each show - no sense in clogging the boards with too much drivel! Friday, July 13th - Fortunately I’m not the superstitious type so starting out on a Friday the 13th did not daunt me. While I did note a series of irritating little snafus that delayed me getting on the road, I’ve planned my trip schedule out so that I don’t drive more than four hours in any day. Don’t know if that negates “road warrior” status, but I want to keep this fun! So, I’m in Valdosta for the first night. The drive was really nice. I had a connection installed in my car so that I can listen to my iPod directly through my car stereo (not the FM broadcast thing, but a real direct connection). I let it surf randomly through the more than 850 songs I have on there. Heard some great Greg Brown, James McMurtry, Cheryl Wheeler, David Wilcox, Mickey Newbury, Todd Snider, Steve Blackwell, Amy Carol Webb, Johnsmith, Tom Kimmel, Nanci Griffith, Tom Prasado-Rao, Steve Gillete, Ann Hills - and that’s just the ones I remember sitting here now. I resisted the iPod thing for a long time, but I must admit its pretty cool. Tomorrow night, Lena’s Place Coffeehouse in Atlanta. G’night. Saturday, July 14th Believe it or not it’s cooler her in “Hot-lanta” than it is back home. The traffic on I-75 and I-85 (or 285 or 475 or 675 . . . oh, whatever) was a real treat. Two serious wrecks and back ups at every interchange (even on a Saturday) turned a three hour drive into a 4 ½ hour trek. But, that’s one reason why I’ve left myself reasonably short drives. Imagine if a planned 7 hour drive turned into a 10! I’d be climbing out of the car right at show time. Planning does pay. Lena’s Place Coffeehouse is a monthly acoustic music series run by the Central Congregational U.C.C. Church and has been going strong since 1984. They provide a terrific sound system and engineer in their fellowship hall and all the comforts of home with coffee and homemade treats. It’s very similar to the Woodview Coffeehouse in Lecanto and as well attended. Sue Witty, a local Atlanta musician, started out the evening with her band and then turned the stage over to me. What a great listening group - so attentive and appreciative. What a treat! I love gigs where the crowd just becomes part of the show and when its all over spends time talking to you like old friends over CD sales and mailing list sign ups. Truly enjoyable and a great start to the tour. Since I don’t have the new CD’s in hand yet (UPS has them on the truck as I write this) I had folks fill out mailing labels and I will ship them in padded envelopes I brought with me as soon as I get the box delivered in Nashville Monday. That arrangement suited everyone just fine and I’m pleased to have a post office trip to make next week. Tomorrow - on to Nashville