Notes from the Road - Beyond Coffee - York, PA Friday, July 20th The drive from Harrisonburg, Va. to York, Pa. was very beautiful and interesting. Rolling farm land, historic landmarks, grain silos, rivers (including the Potomac), picturesque streams and more. The roads took me through Virginia, the peninsula of West Virginia, Maryland and then into Pa. I borrowed a Garmin GPS unit for this trip (a very neat little accessory) and it routed me through Gettysburg about 50 miles southwest of York. I stopped and walked a part of the battlefield looking at the markers and historic monuments. I was surprised how much it affected me. After so many years of reading and studying the Civil War I felt a deep, solemn reverence for where I was and what had happened there in July of 1863. It almost seemed obscene to me that tour buses and hucksters were patrolling the roads through the park profiteering off the blood of our ancestors. I guess I’m just a curmudgeon, but it seems to me that given the price that was paid by our ancestors, all of them both North and South, we owe them the honor and respect of getting off our fat behinds and walking this ground (the very aged and handicapped excepted, of course) to absorb the magnitude of their sacrifice. The nature of that war and the manner in which it was fought had a profound impact on who we are today. It shouldn’t be just another tourist attraction. Ok, enough preaching. York is an interesting place - the home of “York Peppermint Patties” and York fitness equipment (barbells, etc.). I understand that there are less than 100,000 within the city itself, but has a larger suburban population. Beyond Coffee West is a free standing coffeehouse in West York of of Highway 74. It is relatively small, seating for about 25 - 30. My host Janice and the lovely Barista, Erin, were exceptionally gracious. Terrific coffee, sandwiches and treats. And a great burgeoning music venue - packed house and you could have heard a pin drop throughout the entire show. There’s plenty of parking and, if you are in the York area and missed this show, make sure you catch one of their live music nights - great little room! Thanks Dana for booking it an dhope to make a swing through again down the road. Tomorrow night, Connections in Pittsburgh (Oakland area). Stay tuned.