Notes from the Road – The Gas Hog Tour 2008 – Day 8, July 17th I’ll keep it short today – not much to report, a very laid back, chore day. I did dishes, laundry, cleaned up the camper (yeah, that’s right, I pick up Judy tomorrow in Columbia, SC) and did some minor repairs that I had been meaning to get to. I also pulled down all the posters I put up yesterday – since they just said TONIGHT!! wouldn’t want folks showing up and me not be there. Bad form that. I did work some more on some new songs that are coming along. Inch by inch. I get a line or two and get stuck, move to the next song and get a line or two, then get sidetracked on a different idea. Ah well, no one said songwriting was easy. I did my usual computer work sitting under the canopy of the camper looking up at the trees and listening to the sounds around me. Folks stopped occasionally to compliment me on the show last night and a few wanted to know if I’d be playing again tonight. I told them they were welcome to come back by after dark and sit around the campfire with me as I would surely be out playing a little. While I was on the computer I made arrangements for some studio time to record the “Florida” album I have planned for release in January. It’ll be titled “Welcome Home” and will feature my specifically Florida material, new and old. I’m aiming to have those available for Christmas, so put that on your list for gift giving and getting! Its early evening as I’m writing this and I’ll need to think about dinner soon. One great advantage of being in the camper is that I haven’t eaten out once since the first night when I stopped at Waffle House. I’m eating much better (healthier and less) than I would be otherwise and a whole lot cheaper. It takes about $100 gas the truck up, but I can gas myself up for mere pennies (potty humor, sooorrrrryyy). I’m looking forward to the gathering with Jack Williams in SC. There’ll be a lot of music and folks I haven’t seen in a couple of years, as well as a number of folks from our far flung Florida folk flock (that’s Norm McDonald’s term right?). We’ll do a little river floating and just generally laze about in the Edisto River heat. It gets so hot there that, as one of Jack’s songs says, “I can break a sweat with just the thought of settin’ down.” That’s where getting in the water saves you. Then Sunday we’ll hit the road for West Virginia. I have a show up at the Purple Fiddle in Thomas and we are going to look for some property around Buckhannon while interest rates and prices are both low. Ok, well, I’m thinkin’ rice with field peas and steamed mixed veggies for dinner. See you tomorrow from SC.