Notes from the Road – The Gas Hog Tour 2008 – Day 5, July 14th A day off! Sort of. No performance, but a lot of camper clean up, repair and computer work to do. So, I didn’t do any of the “local interest” poking around that I thought I might, but I spent the day outside in the gorgeous Virginia weather. Warm, probably in the 80’s, but with a fresh, gentle breeze most of the time. The have a lot of flies here, which is a little annoying, but it also gives you something to do – fly killin’ was my passion when I was a kid. I went into Lexington to get some hardware I needed to put the real fix on the camper awning issue that started last Thursday. I think I’ve got that tightened up now and shouldn’t give me any more trouble. As I said I hung around the camper and the campground most of the day doing computer work and just enjoying the air. Talked to folks in the park as they or I meandered around – you always meet the nicest people in campgrounds generally. Since it’s during the week there aren’t a lot of people so it’s pretty quiet. Took some pictures with my new camera that I’ll download and share at some point. The evening was particularly nice. I fixed myself dinner at around 7 pm, then built a small campfire outside and got out the guitar. As the light faded the fireflies started appearing at the edge of the woods and were soon around the fire with me. Very bright yellow like a thousand little bug lights (how appropriate) and there were a couple of birds (couldn’t see well enough to say what kind) that were swooping through picking off the fireflies in mid-blink. I wonder if that’s the firefly’s only purpose, to light up so that a bird can eat them at dusk! Wouldn’t that suck. Played tunes by the fire and worked on a couple of new tunes (plus started one about the fireflies, sort of) for about an hour and a half, but the comfort of the bed was soon calling and I surrendered at about 9:30. I did some more computer work (it’s endless, just ask Judy) and drifted off to sleep to sound of tree dwellers of all types all around me. Tomorrow, on to Cherokee, NC.