Notes from the Road – Mother’s Musical Bakery 12-12-08 Spent my day keeping out of the wind and occasional rain. I did run some errands to pick up a new sewer connection for the camper (now THAT’s exciting shopping – maybe I’ll do a reality show), topped off the gas tank at BJ’s to make sure I get all the way back to the really cheap gas north of Tampa on the way home, spent a few bucks in Kohl’s (one of Judy’s favorite stores) and then putzed around back at the camper. At 5 p.m. I headed out for an early dinner at Bonefish Grill (pretty good – longfin tilapia with mango salsa) then on to Mother’s. I really didn’t know what to expect not having been there before. What I found was a very nice, cozy room with stage, sound, lights and gracious hosts, Jennifer & Dennis Brock and their three kids who pretty much ran the place themselves. The oldest (probably in his 20’s, a musician himself) ran the sound and the early set up. The youngest, a daughter, can’t be more than 10 and expertly took orders from folks as the tables filled. She’ll be running one of the big three auto makers by the end of next year and doing a MUCH better job of it. The middle son was a jack of all trades checking the sound coming through the outside speakers, delivering orders, anything that needed to be done. A very happy family and team! Dennis Brock opened the show with some very nice fingerstyle guitar work and old folk favorites. Unfortunately I missed a good part of that because an old college friend came out to the show that I hadn’t seen in a few years and we slipped across the street to chat for a few minutes before I was scheduled to go on. But, I know that the crowd enjoyed it a lot. At 8 p.m. I came on for two sets of my original tunes and stories. There was a table of regulars sitting right in front of the stage who warned me early on that they came in for dinner and a little music, but always left a 8:30, so don’t be offended. Well, when I finished my first set at around 8:50 they were still planted right there and even stuck around to talk a little in the break. I had old friends and new friends (including new MySpace pals Mark and Heather who cruised down from St. Pete) in the audience and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves immensely. This is a cozy spot and one with real value to the local folk community. I hope this becomes one of the regular haunts for the FOFF crowd, the Sarasota folk club and ME! I’ll look forward to coming back again. Thanks so much to Carl Wade for setting the gig up for me!