Yesterday (Sunday, March 4th) I went down and performed at the Myakka River Seafood Festival hosted by Clear Channel's KIX 98.9 FM radio at the Charlotte County Fairgrounds. What a blast! The show was put together by local Charlotte County musician and instrument builder, R. J. Malloy, (and one of my MySpace friends) and Kix 98.9's Downhome Cookin host, Larry Temko (also a MySpacer bud of mine). They did a great job putting together the show. The sound was superb (Thanks Wayne!!), the weather was perfect and the crowd was wonderful! The seafood was pretty good too! You should tune in to Larry T's show - he's really playing some great music, including independents like yours truly. Read his blog at . I'm looking forward to doing more shows with Larry in the future. There was also a great write up promotion the festival in the Sun Herald by Chris Porter. You can still read that at It was truly a wonderful day. Thanks to Kathie, my MySpace friend of the month, who brought her family all the way from Okeechobee (a 1 1/2 hour drive) just to see my performance - now THAT's a fan!! The sound engineer, Wayne, recorded the show and if it came out well I'll try to post some clips when i get them. THANKS FOR LISTENING!!