Infusion Tea Show Recap What a great room the new Infusion Tea is! Light, airy, roomy and comfortable with very music friendly acoustics. Its on Edgewater Drive in Orlando (College Park) a couple of blocks south of Princeton next to Long’s Bookstore. I really enjoyed the show there last night and appreciate all who came to out enjoy and be part of it. Infusion Tea will now seat upwards of 40 very comfortably. I set up a minimal sound system with a single Speaker positioned so that it covered the room very nicely. My friends Paul & Tami (Hannah’s Whirl) came over to spend the afternoon with us and were kind enough to open the show with a few of their original tunes. They produce wonderful harmonies together and you should catch them at a festival or Tampa area venue soon. We had a great crowd thanks to my MySpace friends, my folk network friends and those on my email list. I appreciate each and every one of you coming. If there was something you saw, heard or experienced that particularly “stuck with you” please leave me a note on my MySpace site or at my Yahoo Group ( If you missed the show, please stay tuned for my next visit. All the Best – Doug